Thursday, May 28, 2015

Plum Organics' "Parenting Unfiltered" commercial + campaign

"This is parenting. It's about taking a chance, living unscripted, admitting uncertainty along the way. It's complex, but that's the best part. Why put a filter on it? 
Because life unfiltered is full of amazing."

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

State Farm Coneheads Commercial - Their take on "Jake From State Farm"

Very amusing!

Thanks for the tip and credits, Adweek!

Agency: DDB Chicago
John Maxham: Chief Creative Officer
Barry Burdiak: Group Creative Director
John Hayes: Group Creative Director
Bart Culberson: Creative Director
Chris Bruney: Art Director
Nick Novich: Copywriter
Andres Chacon: Art Director
Sean Peecook: Copywriter
Andrew Bloom: Creative Director (Online Videos)
Nathan Monteith: Creative Director (Online Videos)
Di Jackson: Director of Integrated Production
Scott Kemper: Executive Producer
Ryan Hentsch: Production Business Manager

Production Company: Hungry Man
Hank Perlman: Director
Kevin Byrne: Executive Producer
Thomas O'Malley: Line Producer

Edit: Cutters
Grant Gustafson: Editor
Aaron Kiser: Editor (Online Videos)
Patrick Casey: Producer
Edit: No. 6
Jason MacDonald: Editor (Jake)
Corina Dennison: Executive Producer

Finish: Filmworkers Club
Derek de Board: Executive Producer
Casey Swircz: Producer
Rob Churchill: VFX Supervisor

Behind the Scenes: Impact Entertainment
Deb Llanos, Executive Producer
Patrick Yonally, Creative Director