Thursday, March 19, 2015

PetSmart Partners in Pethood commercials with Anna Faris

Saw this great ad from PetSmart and had to see more!

"Stanley is Five"

"The New Parents"


"Gus the Gourmand"'
"In every phase of pethood, there are just so many stories to tell.
And a few that should never be told to anyone. Ever."

"Pethood is just like parenthood, except with more fleas. Of course, every parent knows you can never be too careful when it comes to your cats and dogs. Well, maybe you can."

"See what happens when a group of funny improv actors and a talented director get together with PetSmart to launch a new campaign. Here’s a hint: Pethood happens."

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Credits from Adweek:

Agency: GSD+M

Chief Creative Officer: Jay Russell
Group Creative Directors: Scott Brewer, Ryan Carroll
Associate Creative Director, Art Director: Ross Aboud
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Copywriter: Scott Chalkley
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Producer: Monique Veillette
Associate Producer: Adriane Weast
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Experience and Insights: Andrew Teagle, Rene Huey-Lipton
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Digital Production: Amy Torres
Web Developer: Todd Black
Studio Services: Michele Head, Summer Ortiz
Production Company: Go Film
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Sound Design, Final Mix: Sam Shaffer, Mackenzie Cutler
Original Music: HUM Music
Graphics: Brad Hodgson, Perfect Form

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