Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Target Back to School 2014 commercial - "Inventory"

It's the recorder again!
(Target's back, don't you worry - about a thing...)

"It's time to go back to school, make sure you have all your supplies. 
This new school year, every little thing is a really big deal."

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kimpton Karma Rewards "Gin + Juice," "Screaming Welcome" commercials

Too funny! These ads are so great!
(Remember that yoga mat?!)

Kimpton Hotels new rewards program, Kimpton Karma Rewards, loves to surprise you. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how we personalize your stay. #WhoDoesThat #KimptonKarma

Apple MacBook Air commercial - "Stickers"

"A celebration of all the many ways people love the MacBook Air, featuring music from artist/producer, Hudson Mohawke."

Monday, July 14, 2014

New Target commercials - Concert, Cannonball, Slide and more!

Great music in these!

"There's a #TargetRun for every kind of morning."

"Good sport is your middle name. #TargetRun"

Summer is in the air. #TargetRun

"School's out. Sun's in. #TargetRun"

"Al fresco, family style. #TargetRun"

"Some family members don't need a dinner bell. #TargetRun"

Target Back to School 2014 commercial: "Buy One Give One"

I didn't even have to look at the TV to know this was a Target ad.
Now that's branding.

"Kids in America"

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Lurpak Cook's Range "Adventure Awaits" commercial

Cannes Gold in Film Craft!
Always love Lurpak ads...

Watch "Adventure Awaits" below.
"Tonight we choose adventure... Who can say what the journey might throw at us... 
With Lurpak by our side, we will scoop, splash, squeeze our way to new frontiers. 
That is our destiny. And tonight, that will be our dinner."

Watch Lurpak's "Kitchen Odyssey" commercial here, and even more ads here!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Apple iPhone 5s commercial - "Parenthood"

"Life of Dreams" by Julie Doiron

Molson Canadian Beer Fridge - "O Canada"

This is belated, but great!

Lacoste "The Big Leap" commercial

Silver Cannes Lion in Film
Beautiful. Absolutely love the music.

"He is about to risk it all to win the game of his life. It will take him confidence and courage to make the leap, beautifully. 'Life is a Beautiful Sport'  Lacoste's 'The Big Leap' is the epic illustration of the new Lacoste campaign 'Life is a Beautiful Sport.'"


Starring Paul Hamy and Anna Brewster, created by BETC and directed by Seb Edwards. 
Music: DISCLOSURE - "YOU & ME" ft Eliza Doolittle -- Flume Remix / Universal Music Publishing
Creative agency: BETC  * Production: Wanda  * VFX: MPC  * Sound production: Schmooze