Sunday, May 25, 2014

Kevin Spacey Talent Scout E*Trade commercials

So. Perfect.

"ETFs, level 4 options, and municipal bonds? Congratulations, you're arrived. Like Phil's culinary collage, your investing empowers your individuality -- it's your version of Kobe beef next to Vermont apple pie next to Char Kuey Teow. Tomorrow night you're rolling over your old 401(k) then going out for molecular gastronomy. You've made it this far, so be on the lookout. Because once you've found Type E*, we'll find you."

"It's easy to spend the night dancing after spending the day strengthening your long term investing plan. As you dip and swirl, think of those sector funds giving you exposure to Industrials and Tech. You stick to the beat just like the dividend yield of that blue chipper you bought today. 3.21. 3.21.  Welcome home, Type E*."

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