Thursday, January 2, 2014

Homadge Top 10 ads of 2013

Happy 2014 everyone!

Below you'll find my favorite commercials from the past year!



(Honorable mention to "Bedtime")





Additional honorable mentions:

MotoX  "Lazy Phone" ad campaign featuring comedian TJ Miller
"Touchless Control"

Also, "Quick Capture," "Moto Maker," "Active Display" and "Nav with Touchless Control"

Old Spice "Unnecessary Freshness" campaign

Also, "Shower," "Watermelon,"  "Snow Globe," "Absent," "Coach" and "Architect"


Side note!
This month, I'll be busy with another project - motherhood!
I'll be back in a month with my favorite Super Bowl commercials...
(As always, I'll start posting Super Bowl preview ads early when possible!)

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