Friday, August 30, 2013

AT+T Digital Life "Guinea Pigs" commercial, and "Dog" and "Cat"

Funny new spots from AT+T!

"Kim and Carl, two guinea pigs living in the South, disagree about what's behind the strange happenings at their house: blinds are going up and down, lights turn on and off, door locks latch by themselves, etc. Is it a force of good? Or evil? It's actually just AT+T Digital Life -- a home security and automation system that lets humans control the house from anywhere." 

"Brutus, a nerdy dog with a small addiction to eating cat litter, thinks his house is alive....and watching him. Every time he sneaks to the back room for a "snack," the lights flash as if the house knows where he is -- and what he's up to.  But it's actually just his owners shooing him away using AT+T Digital Life."

"Judy, a laid-back, skeptical cat, hasn't personally witnessed any strange phenomenon around the house, but her dog friend Brutus has come to her with wild stories. But Judy cannot trust Brutus, as he has been known to sneak into the back room and eat unspeakable things from her cat litter."

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Thanks for the tip AdFreak!

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