Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Target Back to School commercials - "Volcano," "Flex Arm Hang," "Bike Ride" and "Locker"

YAY for new awesome ads from Target!
Just love the music choices!

"School takes a lot. Target has it all."

"The pressure is on! Two classmates put their science skills to the test as they present their epic science project with style"

* "Under Pressure," not "Ice Ice Baby" haha! *
(Link to Spanish version)

Flex Arm Hang
"A girl takes on the chin-up bar in gym class with determination and her own personal style."
* Rocky theme song *

Bike Ride
"A group of kids face a steep hill on their bike ride to school with their own personal style."

* "Another One Bites the Dust" *

"A girl curates her locker in so much cool detail that it's almost mistaken for her bedroom."

* "Hey Ya," originally by Outkast *

"Music Class"
"If you like it then you better put a ring on it!"

* "Single Ladies" by Beyonce *

"Target's 2013 Kids Got Style back to school TV spots tell stories around classic classroom moments that make students feel like real-life heroes in school. The ads feature real kids (not actors) to capture real, authentic reactions. We went behind-the-scenes at the ad shoot to chat with Target's creative director Fiona Mitchell and writer Eric Burnett."


Mollie said...

BUT...who does that version of Under Pressure??

Liza Smith said...

Not sure Mollie - I'll look into it... thanks for your comment!

Mollie said...

Thanks, Liza. The music for the entire campaign is just terrific. Classic songs sounding as though they are played by a school orchestra. I would buy and album!

Unknown said...


Dan said...

The music was arranged and produced by SOUTH Music & Sound Design specifically for Target and their ad agency, 72andSunny.

Liza Smith said...

Thanks so much for the info, Dan. Wonderful music - love it so much. Smile on my face whenever I hear the ads on TV :)

Unknown said...

Love these ads! Great music too. I watch them every time they come on unlike you know, that other company's ad which makes me change channel every time.

Mollie said...

Yes, thank you, Dan. The music they have produced for these ads is just perfectly brilliant!

Brian said...

"Another One Bites the Dust" is about a gunman shooting innocent people. Good choice for a back to school ad?