Friday, June 28, 2013

BMW 3 Series "Mother In Law" commercial

This ad is growing on me!

"The 6th generation is here with incredible features that will spoil you."

Also love "Girls"
"It has a legendary history, 400 hp and plenty of room...perfect for picking up girls."

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tommee Tippee "Simply Intuitive" print ads (US)

I don't care how much Photoshop was used for these ads... still love em!

"I'll be the judge of what's Natural."

(Links: 1, 2, 3)

Advertising Agency: Full Contact, Boston, USA
Art Director: Adam St. John
Copywriter: Tim Bunker
Photographer: Matt Hoyle
Published: March 2013

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dinisa "Accidents" print campaign (Brazil)

"No text is worth the risk. Don't text and drive."

Advertising Agency: PS10, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Creative Director: Otávio Mello
Art Director: Hugo Luquetti
Copywriter: Daniel Donato
Illustrator: Heitor Satyro
Published: April 2013

Monday, June 24, 2013

Kia "Drive vs. Text" commercials (Brazil)

Well done...

Advertising Agency: Art+C Comunicação, Natal/RN, Brazil
Creative Director: George Wilde
Art Directors: Jackson Willians, Flávio Jatobá
Copywriter: Daniel Felix
Illustrator: Flávio Jatobá
Photographer: Tiago Lima
Production Company: Rox
Music: Onomatopéia

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Windows 8: The Power of Touch: Watermelon video

Woah, haha.

"See how Touch has changed the game in Windows 8. If only the same were true for carving watermelons.
Check out more at"

Credits from AdsoftheWorld:
Advertising Agency: JWT, Beijing, China 
Chief Creative Officer: Polly Chu 
Creative Directors: Devin Zhao, Nicky Zhang 
Assistant Creative Director: Gary Wang 
Copywriters: Popeye Li, Nicolas Tian, Bernard Chan 
Art Directors: Christine Klemmt, Liang Zhou 
Agency Producers: Amber Yu, Tetsu Bi 
Planning: Wednesday Chi, Ratan Malli 
Account Service: Ruston Spurlock, Chiara Capitanio, Sabrina Zheng, Fay Xie, Vivienne Huang 
Director: Jinjing Zhu 
Production Company: JQK Production

Friday, June 21, 2013

Rain Forest Premium Water - "Bottle" print campaign (Costa Rica)

"Remove them from the water before they evolve."
Rain Forest Recycling Program. 

(Links: 1, 2, 3)

 Advertising Agency: Father, Costa Rica 
Art Director / Illustrator: Daniel Montiel 
Copywriter: Huelander Escalante 
Published: March 2012

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rodrigo de la Calle Restaurant commercials - Stunning!

So lovely!

Credits from AdsoftheWorld:
Advertising Agency: R+P, Madrid, Spain 
Creative Director: Alfonso Velasco 
Art Director: Anna Mesz 
Copywriter: Carlos Levin 
Director: Alvaro Arancon 
Producer: Rafa Endeiza 
Production Company: Attic 
Music: Daniel Maldonado 
Published: June 2013

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Converse print ads (Anomaly, New York, US)

Just love the art direction.
And the line, too...
"Shoes are boring. Wear sneakers."


Meat Grinder

Lobby Painting


Garage Door

Big Hand


Advertising Agency: Anomaly, New York, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Mike Byrne
Executive Creative Director: Ian Toombs, Sheena Brady
Art Director: Roy Torres
Copywriter: Nick Terzis
Account Director: Jill Ong
Agency Producer: Sarah Manna
Photographers: Magdalena Wosinska, Dan Monick
Account Manager: Lauren Bozarth

Monday, June 17, 2013

Renault Master Camping Car print ads (France)

"You won't ever want to stop."

Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris, France
Chief Creative Officer: Olivier Altmann
Creative Officer: Hervé Riffault
Copywriter: Thierry Lebec
Art Director: Bénédicte Potel
Assisting Art Director: Magali Valencia
Account managers: Stéphane Gaillard, Boris Langlois, Caroline Su, Adeline Blanc

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sears - "Not a Superhero" commercial

Happy Father's Day!

"Let's hear it for the original Superman, Dad. From the one place you can always count on to save his day. From ties to grills, tools, TVs and more, only Sears has everything the superhero in your life is looking for this Father's Day. This is Sears, #ThisIsSuper."

Agency: McGarryBowen
Chief Creative Officer: Ned Crowley
Group Creative Director: Kevin Thoem
Group Creative Director: Lee Remias
Associate Creative Director: Marco Howell
Senior Copywriter: Kelly Jenkins
Head of Production: Lisa Burke Snyder
Executive Producer: Mark Olson
Production Company: @Radical.Media
Director: Josh + Xander
Editorial Co:  Whitehouse Post
Editor: Matthew Wood
Executive Producer:  Dan Bryant

Friday, June 14, 2013

Target Everyday Collection - "Hoagie" commercial

"Lunch gets a little tough love. Make sandwiches irresistible with Oscar Meyer Deli Fresh meat and Kraft Singles. Welcome to The Everyday Collection. By Target."

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Yamaha Europe - "The Dark Side of Japan" commercial

The title of this ad, "The Dark Side of Japan," says it all!

"Yamaha MT-09 is a whole new concept in sport bike design. With a compact new chassis and high-torque 3-cylinder engine, this new generation performance machine is designed for riders who appreciate character and soul."


"The beating heart of this new kind of animal is a lightweight 850cc 3-cylinder engine that kicks out a wide band of raw, linear torque giving outstanding acceleration that gets your adrenaline flowing. And for agile handling this dynamic new naked motard-style bike is equipped with a compact aluminium chassis and upright riding position that make light work of everything - from weekday urban riding through to Sunday morning blasts."

Credits from AdsoftheWorld:
Advertising Agency: DLVBBDO, Milan, Italy
Executive creative directors: Stefania Siani, Federico Pepe
Art director: Nicola Cellemme
Copywriter: Pasquale Frezza
Client Director: Chiara Niccolai
Account Director: Domenico Grandi
Account Executive: Fabio Bottiroli
Producer: Marjiana Vukomanovic
Cdp: abstr^ct:groove
Director: Luigi Pane
Director of Photography: Luca Fantini
Executive Producer: Giada Risso
Producer: Alessandro Salerno
1st Assistant Director: Alice Gatti
Editing: Luigi Pane
Color Grading: Diego La Rosa
Motion Design: Valentina Vicini
Music: FrankyB
Costume Design: Up To You, Franck Josseaume
Production Services: Green Tea, Ant-Productions
Photographer: Diego Indraccolo
Photo Post Production: Davide Calluori

Exito Water print ads (Colombia)

Definitely eye catching!

"Now in a new bottle with 7 layers to protect the flavor of the water in your fridge."

  Advertising Agency: Sancho BBDO Bogotá, Colombia 
Chief Creative Officers: Hugo Corredor, Giovanni Martinez, Andrés Marantá, Juan Gómez 
Art Directors: Andrés Marantá, Edwin Pineda 
Copywriters: Juan Gómez, Freddy Ospina 
Account Director: Natalia Perez 
Photographer: Natalia Perez 
Illustrator: Platinum FMD

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mayhem "Jumper Cables" commercial

"I'm your jumper cables and I don't know if red is positive or negative. Don't let Mayhem leave you stranded. 
Sign up for Good Hands® Roadside Assistance today."

Monday, June 10, 2013

Cesar: "Love Them Back" commercial (UK)

I cried.

Thanks for the tip Adrants!

ibis Hotels - Adorable "Snuggling Bunnies" commercial!

"Introducing our fluffiest, snuggliest, most comforting ad ever: ibis Snuggling Bunnies #ibisbunnies  
Watch our cute and cuddly visitors drift off to sleep in our most comfortable hotel bed ever."

"#ibisbunnies It's hard work being so cute! See how the experience was for our fluffy little bunnies 
behind the scenes on their first shoot - ibis Snuggling Bunnies."

Credits via AdFreak:
Agency: BETC London Executive 
Creative Director: Neil Dawson 
Copywriter: Clive Pickering 
Art Director: Ciara O'Meara 
Producer: Olly Chapman 
Strategy: Andrew Stirk 
Account Director: Zoe Hinckley 
Production Company: Independent 
Director: Ornette Spenceley 
Exec Producer: Matt Minor 
Producer : Charlie Stanfield 
Director of Photography: Niels Reedtz Johansen 
Editing Company: Final Cut 
Editor: Ed Cheesman 
Post-Production Company: The Mill 
Sound Studio: Factory 
Music: "Hushabye Mountain" by Richard Hawley

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Big Mac's Retro Short Ads

Thanks to AdFreak for the tip on these awesome short commercials... 
Totally retro, I love them!

"Are you mouthinker enough to start thinking with your mouth? Mouthinking is a concept that's easy to understand—pick up a Big Mac. And then eat it. Now you're thinking with your mouth. TWYM."

Friday, June 7, 2013

Heineken - "The Voyage" commercial (Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam)

"Arriving in a new country can feel like a cultural shock. For Heineken's Man of the World, it feels like home. 
The latest installment of the Legends campaign -- The Voyage -- inspires Heineken drinkers to be travelers, not tourists. Join the voyage at Legendary Travelers Wanted."

Music: "Voyage Voyage" composed by Rivat/Dubois performed by Maison du Malheur

Credits from Adweek:
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam 
Director: Nick Ray Rutter 
DOP: Ben Fordesman 
Production Company: Sonny London

IBM: People For Smarter Cities (Ogilvy + Mather, France)

"IBM is committed to creating solutions that help cities all over the world get smarter, in order to make life in those cities better. That’s why IBM and Ogilvy are working together to spark positive change with the 'People for Smarter Cities' project, and unite city leaders and forward-thinking citizens. To spread the word, Ogilvy created outdoor advertising with a purpose: a bench, a shelter and a ramp that are not only designed to be beautiful, but to be useful to city dwellers as well."

People for Smarter Cities:
Featured on Fast Company:

 Advertising Agency: Ogilvy + Mather, France 
Chief Creative Officer: Chris Garbutt 
Executive Creative Director: Susan Westre 
Art Director: Daniel Diego Lincoln 
Copywriters: Lauren Elkins, Andrew Mellen 
Creatives: Daniel Diego Lincoln, Stephane Santana 
Photographer: Bruno Bicalho Carvalhaes 
Agency Supervisors: Muriel Benitah, Mary McFarland

Colonial Williamsburg - "Stays With Your Family" commercial

This commercial cracks me up!

Also check out,

Thursday, June 6, 2013 "Football" commercial with James Van Der Beek from Dawson's Creek!

"Emotions run hot as the greatest actor of his generation gives a blistering dramatic reading of his most 
famous movie scene. Starring in our latest commercial may not have been the opportunity of his lifetime, 
but it was for us."

Also check out two other funny commercials below!

"At, we took the drama out of car shopping. If you think you miss the drama, think again. 
You don't want to be the one left holding the baby wolf."

"At, we took the drama out of car shopping. If you think you miss the drama, think again. 
Because no married man wants to hear 'Scott, the baby's yours!' from someone other than their wife."

Thanks for the tip Adrants!

GEICO Dracula Commercial - "Happier than Dracula Volunteering at a Blood Drive"

Love this commercial!

Jeep Wrangler "Beaver" print ad (Leo Burnett, Paris, France)

Also check out "Monkey" and "Penguin"

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Paris, France
Executive Creative Director: Xavier Beauregard
Art Directors: Jerome Gonfond, Stephanie Thomasson
Copywriters: Hadi Hassan, Stephane Gaubert
Art Buyer: Claire Sougy
Photographer: Marc Da Cunha Lopes
Illustrators: Waldo Lee, Lilian Joly
Retouching: Lilian Joly

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

McDonald's "Lonely" print campaign (DDB, Sydney, Australia)

McDonald's Loose Change Menu

Advertising Agency: DDB, Sydney, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Dylan Harrison
Creative Director: Cameron Hoelter
Art Director: Adam Ledbury
Copywriter: Guy Lemberg
Agency Producer: Leesa Murray
Photographer: Garry Owens

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Carnival Cruiselines "Current Temperature" outdoor (NYC)

I saw this in NYC in February!

Advertising Agency: Arnold Worldwide, USA 
Chief Creative Officer: Pete Favat Executive 
Creative Directors: Roger Baldacci, Wade Devers 
Creative Directors: Rob Kottkamp, Craig Miller 
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: John Williamson 
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Sanders Hearne 
Production Manager: Jim Spadafora 
Planner: Lisa Borden 
Account Services: Allison Miller, Doris Salukas 
Published: January 2013

Monday, June 3, 2013

Sony 4K Bravia - "The Pursuit of Beauty" commercial (Japan)

"We pursue the beauty. We pursue the details. Our instinct follows the beautiful. 
4K out of everything you can see. BRAVIA"

Credits from AdsoftheWorld:
  Advertising Agency: Dentsu, Tokyo, Japan 
Creative Director / Copywriter: Yusuke Shimazu 
Planner: Shunsuke Kaga Producer: Atsushi Suzuki 
Director: Naoki Imamura 
Cameraman: Takahiro Matsunaga 
Music Artist: Kazumasa Oda 
Published: May 2013

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Volkswagen Jetta "Wedding" Commercial

"Drive the car you are crazy about: the Volkswagen Jetta. 
Everything you need, at a price you won't believe."

Deutsch Creative Credits:
Chief Creative Officer: Mark Hunter
Group Creative Director: Michael Kadin
Group Creative Director: Matt Ian
Creative Director: Brian Friedrich
Senior Art Director: Karl Haddad
Senior Copywriter: Jed Cohen
Director of Integrated Production: Vic Palumbo
Director of Content Production: Victoria Guenier
Executive Producer: Jim Haight
Senior Producer:  Dave Stephenson