Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cruzan Rum "Welcome to The Don't Hurry" commercial, and more!

I'm ready to slow my roll!

"Cruzan Rum welcomes you to tour The Don't Hurry, where every minute 
lasts 64 seconds and monkeys occasionally give deep-tissue massages."

"A beach, waves and a large turtle pulling a tiny wagon full of rum. 
What more could you possibly ask for?"

"The official spokesparrot of The Don't Hurry shows the world how to 
slow down, chill out and occasionally nod off in mid-sentence."

"Welcome to The Don't Hurry, where the rum flows freely 
and even elevator music gets those hips gyrating slowly."

"One man, one glass of rum, and one minute that lasts 64 seconds."

(Hat tip to AdFreak!)

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