Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Philips Sonicare - "Stick With Technology" commercial

"Why, at a time when human beings have evolved to such high degrees of technological innovation, do we continue to scour our teeth with what is essentially a stick with bristles on it -- a 5,000 year old technology that predates writing?"

Agency: Ogilvy + Mather
Client: Philips Sonicare
ECD: Jason Marks
ECD: Craig Mannion
AD: Lucas Camargo
AD: Lukas Lund
AD: Andreas Hoff
Senior Producer: Sarissa Karbach
Managing Director: Kathleen Gareiss
Senior Producer: Amy Chuang
Prod. Co.: Brand New School
Director: Jonathan Notaro
EP: Devin Brook
DP: Tommy Wildner
Post: Brand New School
Telecine: Company 3
Color: Tom Poole
Sound Design: Machinehead
Sound Designer: Stephen Dewey

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