Friday, March 29, 2013

Nutcase: Outdoor fitting room (Denmark)

YouTube description:
"A tough nut to crack! How do you get people to actually think it is cool to wear a bike helmet. Nutcase Bike Helmets gave the answer with this piece of untraditional activation marketing. Created by Ogilvy for Nutcase Helmets Denmark."

Additional description from AdsoftheWorld:
"Every bike riders know that you should wear a helmet. Especially when riding through the city. Still lots of people leave their helmet at home - if they have one at all. The truth is, lots of people think it is pretty uncool to be seen wearing a helmet. But this piece of activation marketing we created for Nutcase Bike Helmets changes that..."

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Denmark
Creative Director: Jakob Staalby
Art director: Amanda Kruse Larsen
Strategic Planning: Caroline Asmussen
Director: Jonathan Henning

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