Friday, March 22, 2013

"Let's Dance" - DSW Spring 2013 Commercial

"A group of Shoe Lovers gather for a house party, each dressed in retro-inspired fashion. They dance, play music + laugh, all while looking fabulous. It makes you wanna ask, 'Where'd you get those shoes?'"


Jimmy said...

My girlfriend loves the dress that the main blonde wears(pinkish/white ruffled with black trim silkly chifonny flowing layered one don't know how to describe it I'm a guy) would love to buy it for her for our anniversary does anyone know Where i can get it or something like it would love to surprise her and see a smile on her face.

Liza said...

Not sure - how romantic! Maybe try contacting DSW customer service and find out how to reach their marketing department to get in touch with the wardrobe stylist - good luck!