Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thwaites' Wainwright Golden Ale print ads

Love the copy, love the illustrations!

Campaign description from AdsoftheWorld:
"Like the beer, our campaign is inspired by Thwaites’ fellow Lancastrian, the fellwalker and author Alfred Wainwright. The ads extol the simple pleasures of the countryside as a refreshing antidote to modern life. The campaign uses Wainwright’s style of illustration and type, as found in his famous walking guides and on the beer’s label and font clip, and the ads are underpinned by the line 'A breath of fresh ale.'"

"A Breath of Fresh Ale. 
Wainwright is a long way from ordinary beer. That’s because it was inspired by an extraordinary man: the famous fellwalker and author Alfred Wainwright. With its hoppy aroma and citrussy flavour this award-winning golden ale is like the country air Alfred so enjoyed – totally refreshing."

"Trespassers will be welcomed. 
Now wouldn’t that be a refreshing sight? Just like a glass of Thwaites Wainwright. An award-winning golden ale, it’s named in honour of the celebrated Lakeland fellwalker Alfred Wainwright. After a long walk, you’ll find its hoppy aroma and citrussy flavour welcome refreshment indeed."

"Not a Wi-Fi hot spot. 
What could be more refreshing than a day offline? Why, a glass of Thwaites Wainwright afterwards. This award-winning golden ale was inspired by the celebrated Lakeland fellwalker Alfred Wainwright. You’ll find its hoppy aroma and citrussy flavour really hit the spot."

"Our O2 Arena. 
You don’t need a ticket to enjoy oxygen at its finest, just a good long walk in the countryside. So invigorating. Like a glass of our Wainwright golden ale."

"She's still our favourite tweeter. 
Like her, a pint of Wainwright hits all the right notes. One taste of our award-winning golden ale with its invigorating hoppy aroma and citrussy flavour, and you’re sure to be tweeting its praises."

"Twinkly lights enjoyed all year round. 
Want to see some brilliant decorations this Christmas? We recommend going outdoors on a crisp, clear evening to enjoy nature’s own fairy lights. It’s an experience that awakens the senses – rather like our Wainwright golden ale."

Advertising Agency: Wild Colonial Boys, London, England 
Creative Directors: Jeff Suthons, Dean Turney 
Art Director:Jeff Suthons 
Copywriter: Dean Turney 
Illustrator: Bob Venables 
Typographer: Steve Kettel 
Published: November 2012

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