Friday, January 4, 2013

Homadge's Top 12 ads of 2012!

In 2012, the ads were all over the map for Homadge!
Therefore, drum roll please... in NO particular order of preference... 
12 categories of ad awesomeness from 2012! (plus two more for good measure)

Beverage Dancing
Costa Coffee

Ikea Attraction
"Bright Shiny Colours"
"Playing with My Friends"

Australia Accident Animation
"Dumb Ways to Die"

Holiday, Celebrate
Marks and Spencers
Gap - "Love Comes in Every Shade"
Ceelo for JCPenney
Snickers Horseless Headsman

Terrific Target
Neiman Marcus for Target
Baby ads,"Nightlife" and "Workout"

Oh, Old Navy!
Chevy Chase and the Griswolds
Jason Priestly
Backstreet Boys

Ragu Rocks!
"Charlie Bit Me - Behind the Finger"
"Just to recap, you put spit on his face"

Doggies, AND sushi
Toyota Prius C - "Game of Life"

Mmmmmmmmm Soup
Heinz - "I Love Winter"

Catchy Ice Cream
Burger King - 50-cent Soft Serve

Super Super Bowl
4 favs

jcpenney Goes Seasonal
"May is Blooming" (and more!)

Go Google!
Hall and Oates
30 Rock
Google Fiber
Google Maps - "Explore Your World"
Google Chrome - "Make It Happen"
Wallace and Gromit hang out

Powerful Print Ads
"Every LEGO brick tells a story."
Ninseikan Karate
Actal Antacid - "Stuffed" campaign
Marinella Ties
B+B Hotels
Science World

Happy New Year everyone!

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