Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Costa Coffee "Coffee Heads" commercial - "I Was Made for Loving You"

You like coffee?
I don't, but I love this ad!

YouTube description:
"Collaborating once again with Karmarama, Rogue Films and Sam Brown The Mill create 'Coffee Heads' for Costa.  Following on from the success of their previous collaboration together for Costa's 'Monkeys and Typewriters', The Mill has teamed up with creative directors Sam Walker and Joe De Souza at Karmarama and director Sam Brown at Rogue for the infectiously fun 'Coffee Heads'.

'The idea this time was to highlight the baristas' passion for coffee' said Sam at Karmarama 'so singing a Kiss track while buried in 3 tons of coffee beans seemed like the obvious thing to do.'  So that's what was done. It was shot entirely on location on a giant stage at Black Island studios featuring 85 'heads', many of whom were real Costa baristas. 'It was then our job to integrate all of this fully into the finished results," says Mill VFX producer Chris Batten "and all perfectly timed to a cover of the Kiss song 'I Was Made For Loving You'.'

The spot is part of Costa Coffee's most integrated campaign yet and aired for the first time on ITV 1, October 5th."

Thank for the tip Adweek!

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