Sunday, September 30, 2012

Snickers "You're not you when you're hungry" outdoor (Russia)


Advertising Agency: BBDO Moscow, Russia
Executive Creative Director: Igor Lutz
Creative Director: Adrian Ely
Art Directors: Balint Hajagos, Alexander Gorban
Writer: Andrey Yarynich, Alexander Tishkovskiy
Account Director: Irina Grase
Account Manager: Julia Martynova
Photographer: Jonathan May
Retoucher: James Lucas
Published: May 2012

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Helm Bank Insurance "Thief" Direct Mail (Colombia)

Advertising Agency: Lowe SSP3, Colombia
Chief Creative Officer: Jose Miguel Sokoloff
Executive Creative Director: Jaime Duque
Creative Director / Copywriter: Carlos Camacho
Art Director: Daniel Delgado
Account Director: Natalia Villegas
Published: May 2012

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Galderma Benzac print campaign (Colombia)

Anti acne cleansing cream.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy + Mather, Bogota, Colombia
Chief Creative Officer: John Raúl Forero
Head of Art: Juan Pablo Alvarez
Creative Directors: Mauricio Guerrero, Diego Cárdenas
Copywriter: Julián Gutiérrez
Art Directors: Diego Cárdenas, Daniel Mora, Andrés López, Jhon Chacón
Illustrator: Daniel Mora, Diego Cárdenas
Account Director: Fabio Quiroga

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cam - "The Child's world" print ads - so lovely... (Italy)

Why does snow melt?

Check out more beautiful ads for Cam here!

Advertising Agency: DLVBBDO, Milan, Italy
Creative Directors: Federico Pepe, Stefania Siani
Art Director: Matteo Pozzi
Copywriter: Dennis Casale
Illustrator: Davide Calluori

Newsweek print ads (Brazil)

I like these.

Advertising Agency: Longplay 360, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Fernando Luna
Art Director: Alexandre Lage
Copywriter: Marcel Petroff
Client Team Director: Spencer Fideliz
Illustrator: Up Ilustração
Published: May 2012

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"What if Lightlife had a farm? E-I-E-I-O!" ...New Lightlife commercial, "Welcome to the vegetarian world of Lightlife"

"With a red pepper here and a bell pepper there..."

"Meet the wonderful world of Lightlife, where you can enjoy a hearty, satisfying meal—without eating meat. Our delicious vegetarian meals are evidence of our 30-year commitment to proving that eating something good and doing something good can be one and the same."

Thanks for the tip Adweek!

Client: ConAgra 
Brand: Lightlife 
Spot: E-I-E-I-O

Agency: Venables Bell + Partners, San Francisco 
Executive Creative Directors: Paul Venables and Will Mcginness 
Associate Creative Directors: Crockett Jeffers + Jonathan Byrne 
Art Director: Beau Hanson; Copywriter: Josh Parschauer
Director of Integrated Production: Craig Allen; Production Designer: Elizabeth Burhop
Agency Producer: DP Odishoo; Production Company: LAIKA 
House Director: Kirk Kelley; Director of Photography: John Nolan 
Executive Producer: Lourri Hammack; Producer: Rebecca Bowen
Stop Motion Animators: Julianna Cox, Wendy Fuller, Chris Ohlgren 
Character Designers: Don Flores, Gesine Kratzner, Tony Merrithew, Nicholas Weigel 
Editor: Michael Corrigan Flame Artist: Rex Carter 
Sound Design: Mophonics; Sound Designers: Josh Marcy
Music: Mophonics; Composer/Arranger: Michael Haziza
Executive Producer: Adam Podrat; Producer: Josh Marcy

Pierre Martinet's Vegetable smoothies (Print - France)


Advertising Agency: BEING (TBWA), Paris, France 
Creative Director: Thierry Buriez 
Art Director: Jean-Pierre Roges 
Copywriter: Eric Sintes 
Photographer: Laurent Fau / Studio des Fleurs 
Art Buyer: Caroline Roesch 
Published: May 2012

Miguel Gianinni Glasses "Details" print campaign

Love these stories!
Give them a good read...
(click on the titles for larger text.)



Advertising Agency: Publicis Brasil, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Hugo Rodrigues, Denis Kakazu
Copywriter: Guilherme Nesti
Art Director: Denis Kakazu
Illustrator: Gabriel D'orazio
Art Buyer: Selma Momosse
Production: Rita Villarim, Thiago Loureiro, Emerson Russo

Monday, September 24, 2012

Plenty Easypull print ads (Netherlands)


Advertising Agency: Publicis, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Creative Directors: Jeroen van Zwam, Marcel Hartog
Art Director: Marco Sluijter
Copywriter: Jeroen de Korte
Account Manager: Maurice Gilissen

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Natasha Goulbourn Foundation's "Moody Watch"

Description from AdsoftheWorld:
"To address depression issues that 4.5million Filipinos face, Campaigns + Grey partnered with the Natasha Goulbourn Foundation (NGF), an establishment to promote awareness and better understanding of depression as a medical condition, for this campaign. The main objective of this campaign was to raise funds to support the Foundation’s advocacy, information, education and communication (IEC) program. To be current and appealing, Campaigns + Grey’s design abides by today’s minimalist fashion with merely a subtle reference to our advocacy. The agency collaborated with watchmaker, Happy Hour, on a design that is intended to lift the spirits of both wearer and spectator. The face of the timepiece features literally, a human face with two dots for eyes and hour/minute hands transforming into a smile or frown."

Advertising Agency: Grey, Singapore
Chief Creative Officer: Ompong Remigio
Art Directors: Natasha Bautista, Tina de Torres
Copywriter: Jameilee Que

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Betadine print campaign (Y+R Prague, Czech Republic)

"It shouldn't hurt twice.
Pain free antiseptic."

Running Accident

Advertising Agency: Y+R Prague, Czech Republic
Creative Director: Jaime Mandelbaum
Art Director: Matthew Edwards
Copywriter: Daniel Joseph
Head of Art: Marco Antonio do Nascimento
Retoucher: Furia
Illustrator: Marek Motalik
Published: May 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012

Freddo print ads (Argentina)

Advertising Agency: Y+R, Buenos Aires, Argentina
General Creative Director: Martin Mercado
Creative Directors: Diego Tuya, Darío Rial, Martin Goldberg
Art Director: Gonzalo Fernández
Copywriter: Juan Ignacio Galardi
Illustrator/Retoucher: Daniel Romanos
General Brand Director: Eugenia Slosse
Brand Director: Ariadna Barcia
Photographer: Buena Vista Fotografía
Producer: Fernando Costanza

Advertising Agency: Young + Rubicam, Buenos Aires, Argentina
General Creative Director: Martín Mercado
Creative Directors: Martín Goldberg, Diego Tuya, Dario Rial
Art Director: Joaquín García Bossi
Copywriter: Chechu Pérez
Photographer: Juan Mathe
Published: April 2011

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Coleman Sleeping Bags print ads (Prague)

Love these, so simple...


Advertising Agency: Y+R Prague, Czech Republic
Creative Director: Jaime Mandelbaum
Copywriter: Martina Vesela
Art Director: Atila Martins
Head of Art: Marco Antonio do Nascimento
Retoucher: Furia
Illustrator: Marek Motalik
Published: May 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wonderful Pistachios Village People commercial - "Get Crackin!"

Also check out the other new ads:

Old Navy Backstreet Boys commercial!

Backstreet's back - ALRIGHT!"

Target Falling for Fall commercial

Keurig "Cup of the Day" spec ads

Advertising School: SCAD, USA Art Directors: Ana De Leon, Brooks Hess

"Brew a cup of Courage before your big interview. We all know how important coffee is to us. Each of us drink coffee for different reasons. Share what Keurig brews for you each day at"

"Brew a cup of Laughter for a good time with friends."

"Brew a cup of Love to share with your special someone."

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Oui FM "Every kind of rock" print ads (Paris)

Love these!

(Links: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Advertising Agency: Leg agency, Paris, France
Creative Director: Gabriel Gaultier
Creatives: Stéphane Richard, Virgile Lassalle
Copywriter: Virgile Lassalle
Art Directors: Stéphane Richard, Caroline Lorin
Account: Thomas Kohn
Production: Catherine Candusso, Karine Diallo-Brière

Monday, September 17, 2012

Camp Nectar Fruit Boxes - Packaging (Brazil)

Case video:

Advertising Agency: Ageisobar, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Carlos Domingos
Art Directors: Henrique Mattos, Cristiano Rodrigues, Fuku
Copywriters: Charles Faria, Daguito Rodrigues
Agency Producers: Silvia Moreli, Thaysa Mamed
Sound Studio: S de Samba
Published: March 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fight For Peace - Favela print ad (Brazil)

  Advertising Agency: Staff, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Creative Director: Paulo Castro
Art Directors: Pedro Vargens, Erik Machado
Copywriter: Leo Valpassos
Illustrator: Pedro Vargens
Head of Art: Bernardo Machado
Published: March 2012a

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Land Rover print ads (Y+R, Colombia)


Amazon Tale

Advertising Agency: Y+R, Bogota, Colombia
Chief Creative Directors: Mauricio Rocha, Brian Fraser
Executive Creative Directors: Tito Chamorro, Victor Osorio, Julián Jaramillo
Creative Directors: Jorge Millán, Diego Suárez
Art Directors: Sergio Lizarazo, Lee Aldridge
Copywriter: Luis Miguel Herrera
Account Manager: Nick Elliott
Production: Anthony Borkett