Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas print + ambient

Ad Agency: Fallon, USA 
"Long-life energy-saving lightbulb
Just the right amount of wrong
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas"

"Environmentally sustainable bamboo swizzle stick
Just the right amount of wrong
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas"

Credits: Chief Creative Officer: Darren Spiller; Group Creative Director: Leon Wilson; Head of Art: Christy Peacock; Photographer: Nadav Kander; Designer: Nic Bergland; Print Producer: Jason Hall; Published: February 2012

"Just the right amount of wrong
a unique luxury resort in the heart of the Las Vegas strip"



Credits: Creative Director: Darren Spiller; Copywriter: Leon Wilson; Art Director/Head of Art: Christy Peacock; Assistant Art Director / Designer: Nicholas Berglund; Producer/Art Buyer: Jason Hall; Photographer: Tony Duran; Stylist: Emma Trask; Hair/Makeup: Kela Wong; Props: Darren Ransdell; Producer: Shotsie Kramer; Print Producer: Kirsten O'Callaghan; Project Manager: Lisa Hashbarger; Account Supervisor: Beth Freedman; Account Executive: Ryan Murray

Advertising Agency: Digital Kitchen, Chicago, USA

Brief explanation from AdsoftheWorld:
"Las Vegas was once the city of sin. Now it has become a city of clichés. Hotels have relied on gimmicks and themes to distinguish themselves, creating a cluttered marketplace. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is committed to building a platform for fresh and provocative content that sits at the intersection of art and technology. Throughout the resort are multiple points for customers to experience digital artwork including more than 500 displays of different shapes, sizes and resolutions built into the architecture. Our challenge: create an immersive experience for hotel guests that set The Cosmopolitan apart on the strip.

Brief from the client: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is a $3.9 billion dollar resort, casino and hotel located on the center of the strip. When the Cosmopolitan Hotel planned to open its doors on New Year’s Eve 2010, they set out to create a more meaningful guest experience for a different class of traveller. Our assignment was to help The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas position itself as a luxury destination, adding an entirely new dimension to the Las Vegas experience.

Description of how you arrived at the final design: Digital Kitchen approached the portals as digital canvases and the entire resort as a curated art gallery. We invented a narrative showcase incorporating elegant, fantastical, and often poetic interpretations of life travels in an enlightened, lucid dream, blurring the lines of past present and future into one classic-timeless visual style. The narrative spoke directly to our target audience, the Creative Class, 59 million Americans who are open minded and enjoy adventure. Each story within the narrative tied together evolved throughout the day and had the flexibility to be tailored for special events (New Years, Chinese New Year, etc).

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market: The opening of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve 2010 was one of the more highly anticipated hotel openings in recent Las Vegas history. While we cannot report exact booking and business figures since the hotel is not 100% completed, the hotel is extremely satisfied with business results to date."

REVEAL: Inspired Experiences from The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

"Reveal is the fourth of six videos that were recently shown on IFC and the Sundance Channel. The videos are two-minute documentaries featuring The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and they provide a behind-the-scenes look into the personalities and inspiration behind The Cosmopolitan.

Reveal features Digital Kitchen Executive Creative Director Anthony Vitagliano and the unique and dynamic digital art installations that are exhibited on The Cosmopolitan's eight lobby columns.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is a place for the curious who crave real experiences, embrace the unexpected, revel in discovery and appreciate the inspiration behind the cultivated and curated elements that The Cosmopolitan offers."

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