Saturday, May 26, 2012

Psafe LockBox "Explosive" and "Flame" print ads (Brazil)

"Your files don't need to take risks."

(too obvious?)

(Also check out Parachute and Sea.)

A quote from "marano" found under comments for the "Parachute" ad sums up this campaign best I think:

"I think I'd like to see these ads go one way or another. Individually the premise applies to each but in a different manner. This is the only one where his fate is a product of his own initiative to do something risky. Boat wreck and fire are just unfortunate situations, but he's forced to take a risk by bailing or jumping so risk could still apply. The explosives least apply I think. The concept of risk remains vague there. Is the match lit so he can find his way out or did he take a risk by lighting it and then discover where he was?
make sense?

I like these regardless though. They click immediately with or without the inconsistencies. And they're funny. That folder is going to need therapy."

Advertising Agency: Conexão, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Creative Directors: André “Mineiro” Ferreira, Eduardo Silva
Art Director: Fabio Marques
Copywriters: Márcio Bastos, Luiz Pistone
Illustrator: Fabio Marques
Published: January 2012

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