Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lernert + Sander "Handmade"

"'We like to be playful and have fun, so there is an element 
of mischief about this film,'
reveal Lernert + Sander. 'What better way to showcase the abilities of Brioni's master tailors
than to set them the ultimate test of skill with a particularly exacting customer?'"

Project Credits:
Commissioned by Wallpaper*
Directors: Lernert + Sander
Produced at White Lodge
Executive Producer: Stephen Whelan
DOP: Ram van Meel
Handmodels: Ashley Khoo, Jacques Drent
Styling: Ferry van der Nat
Carpenter set: Egbert Steenwinkel
Editor: Derek van Egmond
Assistant L&S: David in de Bosch
Post production & sound: The Ambassadors
All pieces by Brioni Master Tailors
Fashion Director: Sébastien Clivaz, Wallpaper*

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