Monday, April 2, 2012

Audi Ugly Duckling commercial ("The Swan")

This ad gives me shivers of nostalgia!

YouTube description:
"The charming new film - The Swan - tells the story of how the cutting-edge Audi concept vehicles of the 1920s have progressed into the stunning and aerodynamically efficient cars of today. 

A witty take on the classic children's tale - The Ugly Duckling - and featuring the original Danny Kaye song of the same name, the new ad shows an early teardrop-shaped Audi driving through a period Bavarian town.

Designed by the pioneering Audi engineer Paul Jaray, the prototype car was ahead of its time and its idiosyncratic styling was too futuristic for onlookers. Its plight is reflected in the film as we witness the lonesome 'Jaray Audi' scaring the horses, drawing disapproving looks from the townspeople and receiving angry honks from other drivers.

Audi, however, understood the potential of the concept's aerodynamic technology and engineering, and Jaray's influence has been evident in all models from the brand ever since. This is emphasised in the film when the historic car draws up at a lake and sees its reflection in the shape of today's stunning new A5."

Credits from AdsoftheWorld:
Advertising Agency: BBH, London, UK
Creative Directors: Nick Kidney, Kevin Stark
Creatives: Matt Doman, Ian Heartfield
Producer: Ruben Mercadal
Digital Designer: Addictive Pixel
Team Manager: Polly Knowles
Team Director: Simon Coles
Strategy Director: Neil Godber
Production Company: Park Pictures
Director: Joachim Back
Producer: Jeremy Barnes
DoP: Jan Velicky
Post Production: Telecine: Jean Clement Soret / MPC
Post Production: Online: Jay Bandlish / MPC
Editor / Editing House: The White House
Sound: Factory

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