Monday, April 30, 2012

Electra Chef "Haunted Homes" print campaign (Israel)

"Electra Chef
For odor haunted homes"

Advertising Agency: Adler Chomsky Grey, Tel Aviv, Israel
Executive Creative Director: Tal Riven
Creative Director: Ida Markovits
Copywriter: Uri Shoham
Art Director: Shirley Bahar
Account Manager: Dani Brande
Account Executive: Galya Ratson
Account Supervisor: Sarit Sternhell
Published: December 2011

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Revista Ecológica print ads (Brazil)

"Who kill the forest, kill more than forest."
Ecológica Magazin

Advertising Agency: Gloria Comunicacão, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Creative Director: Arnaldo Stemberg
Art Director: Arnaldo Stemberg
Copywriter: Fernando Gregori
Published: June 2011

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Electra "Fly" print ad (Grey, Israel)

Hear every little sound"

Other than the fly, I really like the art direction here...

Advertising Agency: Adler Chomsky Grey, Tel Aviv, Israel
Executive Creative Director: Tal Riven
Creative Director: Moti Rubinstein
Copywriter: Matanya Tal
Art Director: shlomi yerushalmi
Photographer: Yaron Izhakov
Account Manager: Dani Brande
Account Executive: Galya Ratson
Account Supervisor: Sarit Sternhell
Published: December 2011

Lernert + Sander "Handmade"

"'We like to be playful and have fun, so there is an element 
of mischief about this film,'
reveal Lernert + Sander. 'What better way to showcase the abilities of Brioni's master tailors
than to set them the ultimate test of skill with a particularly exacting customer?'"

Project Credits:
Commissioned by Wallpaper*
Directors: Lernert + Sander
Produced at White Lodge
Executive Producer: Stephen Whelan
DOP: Ram van Meel
Handmodels: Ashley Khoo, Jacques Drent
Styling: Ferry van der Nat
Carpenter set: Egbert Steenwinkel
Editor: Derek van Egmond
Assistant L&S: David in de Bosch
Post production & sound: The Ambassadors
All pieces by Brioni Master Tailors
Fashion Director: Sébastien Clivaz, Wallpaper*

Friday, April 27, 2012

Corona Light "Stan" commercial


"Stan does the same thing day in and day out: eat, work, go to the gym, shower, drink a beer and go to sleep. But then he tried a Corona Light, and suddenly, life got a lot more unpredictable."

Thanks for the tip Adrants!

So Acao Solidarity Movement "Much more than trees" (Print ads)

"In order to stop the deforestation in the few green areas in the city, a study was made in conjunction with the Spanish illustrator Lorenzo Durán, from Naturayarte, which shows that cutting off the trees damages the entire ecosystem and hurts even more the residents of the city. All illustration work was manually made with actual leaves, which were later on photographed and used as the face of the print campaign. Posters with the actual leaves were also spread in strategic areas."

(Links: 1, 2, 3)

Advertising Agency: Paz Comunicação Estratégica, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Leonardo Parnes
Art Director: Marcelo Maciel
Copywriter: Leonardo Parnes
Illustrator: Lorenzo Durán
Planner: Einhart Jácome da Paz
Executive Account: Alexandra Raffa
Published: December 2011

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Make a Wish Italia - Pastels Darth Vader (Print ad)

Advertising Agency: H-57, Milan, Italy
Creative Directors: Matteo Civaschi, Gianmarco Milesi
Art Director: Matteo Civaschi
Copywriter: Gianmarco Milesi
Photographer: Alberto Aliverti
Account Director: Sabrina Di Gregorio
Published: November 2011

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hotwheels Mice print ads (Hungary)

Funny little guys...

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy + Mather, Budapest, Hungary
Creative Director: Will Rust
Art Director: Zoltan Visy
Copywriters: Karolina Galacz, Balazs Vizi
CGI Photographer: Thomas Mangold
Planner: Martin Alles
Published: December 2011

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hilarious ads for Minnesota Lottery

Thanks for the tip AdFreak!

Also check out this awesome spot, "Tea Party"

Grupo Bandeirantes de Comunicacao - Moths print ads

"Feed the culture, don't feed the months."

(Links: 1, 2, 3)

Art Director: Fabio Piucco
Copywriter: Márcio Blank
Illustrator: Fescher Neoilustração
Published: November 2011

Monday, April 23, 2012

Richard Gere for Orangina - Japanese commercials

Oh thank you, thank you, thank you BrandChannel
for sharing this Japanese Orangina goodness:

Liberté Yogurt "Pots" print ads (Canada)


Advertising Agency: Marketel Mccann Erickson, Montréal, Canada
Creative Director: Sébastien Pelletier
Art Director: Nicolas LeBlanc
Copywriter: Étienne Mérineau
Photographers: Nicolas LeBlanc, Carl Belleau

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sab Miller High Life print campaign (India)

"It's Miller time."

Advertising Agency: DDB Mudra, Bangalore, India
Executive Creative Director: Vipul Thakkar
Creative Directors: Deepak Singh, Saurabh Doke
Art Director: Aneesh
Copywriter: Ram
Illustrator: Aneesh
Photographer: Radhakrishnan
Published: October 2011

Saturday, April 21, 2012

"City Self Storage" Print ads (BBDO, Prague)

(like the art direction, but not a huge fan of the concept...)

"Find a nice place for the things you love."


Advertising Agency: Mark BBDO, Prague, Czech Republic
Creative Director: Andrej Stuk
Art Director: Lubos Vacke
Copywriter: Tomas Novotny
Postproduction: Jakub Uhlik
Photographer: Jaroslav Moravec
Production: Petr Kulhavy
Account Manager: Radka Tumova
Published: December 2011

Friday, April 20, 2012

EDF Energy commercials

"Introducing Blue +Price Promise, EDF Energy's new great-price, fixed tariff from low-carbon generation. The advert explains how, by switching to Blue, we promise to tell you if a competitor or EDF Energy launch a product that's more than £1 a week cheaper at typical use of 3,300 kWh electricity and 16,500 kWh gas, and 5,000 kWh electricity for Economy 7 meters. Low-carbon electricity purchased for Blue is supplied into the National Grid. Blue customers receive electricity via the National Grid, not directly from low-carbon generators. For terms and conditions see

Follow us on Twitter to find out more about the ads, the character and Blue +Price Promise

Character under license from BeatBots LLC."

Also check out "Promise"

Lego "Every LEGO brick tells a story." (Print)

Description from AdsoftheWorld:
"The ads appeared on four consecutive pages. LEGO is a company that has fostered imagination, invention and creativity for over 60 years. So it is unusual for these ads to feature only long copy with minimal imagery. However, upon reading each of these scenarios the ad comes to life in a way that is unique only to the reader and how they see these playtime scenarios in their mind's eye. Typographic elements of kerning contrasted with tracking allow the reader to almost get lost in the copy selecting keywords for their imagination. The fourth ad in the series, 'Yellow Brick' features a notepad with the tagline:
'Every LEGO brick tells a story. Build yours.'"

Chief Creative Officer: PJ Pereira
Creative Director / Copywriter: Aricio Fortes
Creative Director / Art Director: Paulo Coelho
Account Executive: Lo Braz
Illustrator: Eduardo Gomes

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The PLANTERS Men's Health® Mix Team - "The Team" commercial

Love this new ad for PLANTERS!

Thanks for the tip AdFreak!

ExpertWhitening- Love Your Smile "Knife" (print, South Africa)

Other ads in the campaign: "Sad Movie" and "Hammer"

Advertising Agency: Canvas, Cape Town, South Africa
Creative Director: Michael Ipp
Art Director: Brinke van Zyl, Tim Church
Copywriter: Jacques Laubscher
Group Account Director: Jackie St Clair Moor
Photographer: Mary Anne Grobler
Retoucher: Graham Bartholomew

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ESPN Michael Jordan Commercial

One of the latest "It's Not Crazy, It's Sports" ads... it's a good one!

Thanks for the tip AdFreak!

Sony "Screen Story" commercial (Japan)

"Let's make a story."

Thanks for the tip AdFreak! "Happy Doors" print campaign (India)

"Delivering happiness"

(Links: 1, 2, 3)

Advertising Agency: Happy Creative Services, India
Chief Creative Officer: Praveen Das
Executive Creative Director: Kartik Iyer
Creative Director: Carl Savio
Art Director: Shatrughan Ramanathan, Kedar Chauhan, Carl Savio
Copywriter: Carl Savio
Client Team Director: Ruchika Chaudhry
Account Director: Neelima Kariappa
Post production: Ramakrishna R
Photographer: Ebbie Munk, Kopp Koppula
Published: January 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Musicians On Call print ads (Cline Davis Mann, NYC)

"This show must go on.
Bringing live music to the bedsides of patients."

(Musicians On Call brings live and recorded music to the bedsides of patients in healthcare facilities.)

Advertising Agency: Cline Davis Mann, NYC, USA
Creative Director: Glenn Batkin
Art Director: Glenn Batkin, Matt Shih
Copywriter: Adam Siers, Megan Ziobro
Photographers: David Sacks, David Emmite

Monday, April 16, 2012

7 Eleven Spec ads (Miami Ad School)


Advertising School: Miami Ad School San Francisco, USA
Art Director: Felipe Mollica
Instructor: Peter Durham