Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Walgreens commercials - "Expedition" and "The Pickup"

Have you downloaded Walgreens' mobile app yet?
Here's a new ad for the app!

"A little more altitude, a little less attitude.
We hope you enjoy this commercial for our new mobile app."

The coolest thing about the app?
The prescription reminder!
You can create NINE types of reminders - daily, hourly, weekly, on a certain day, a specific week, every "x" days and more. Whether you can't remember to take a single pill, or all of your medications, this app is invaluable and could literally be a life saver!

Also, check out this awesome ad from 2011 from Walgreens - Love the art direction and concept!

"Web Pickup makes life even easier. Just shop your local store online and we'll have your order ready to pick up in as little as an hour! Bagged and ready to go. And it is perfect for those instances where you might be too embarrassed to shop the aisles for those unmentionables or to send your significant other to the store to pick up just the right items."

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