Monday, February 13, 2012, Dice Tech Jobs App commercials


"Banging your head in frustration with your busted tech job? Come take a magic ride of discovery
with the Dice Mobile App and find out how you can get to a better place -- stat."

"Tech pros like you are always on the move. Luckily, with the new Dice Tech Jobs App, you
can search for tech jobs from anywhere. That is, as long as you have enough bars."

"Looking for a new tech job? Send your resume on an epic journey by uploading it to
you could score an interview at an awesome tech company. Weeeeeee!"

Advertising Agency: Barkley
Design/Production Company: Thornberg + Forester
Creative Director: Frank Pichel
Executive Producer: Elizabeth Kiehner
Producer: Lisa Riemer
Frank Pichel, Elias Stern, Kyle Miller, Ken Krueger, Kyle Hurley, Paul Imperio

(Older spots):

Hovering Art Directors

"Is your boss constantly lingering around your desk and cramping your creative style?
We've all been there. Check out Dice's newest spot "Hovering Art Directors" and see 
how you can use the new app to search for incredible tech jobs that will
give you more creative freedom and allow you to keep yourself sane."

Bear Maul
"You shouldn't miss out on a camping trip because you have to search for a new tech job.
Well you don't have to with our app. It's easy to use and you can search for
great tech jobs from anywhere- just protect that job searching arm from the bears!"

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