Thursday, January 26, 2012

Discover Card - 5% Cashback at Gas Stations "Gas" commercial

Just a few of the items you can get 5% cash back on when you use your Discover Card at gas stations.
Sign up at or call 1-800-DISCOVER and find out all the ways it pays to Discover."

Agency: The Martin Agency
Agency Location: Richmond, VA
Agency EP: John McAdorey
Agency Producer: Beata Mastalerz
Creative Director: Kevin Ragland
Art Director: David Grindon
Copy Writer: Sara Kuhs

Live Action, Design + Animation: Gentleman Scholar
Production Company Location: Santa Monica, CA
Director: Will Johnson + William Campbell
Executive Producer: Rob Sanborn
Producer: Elizabeth Newman
Production Coordinator: Paul Buckley
Head of Production: Rachel Kaminek
Designers / Animators: Heather Aquino, Paul Yeh, Joe Ball, Jordan Lyle

Editorial Company: Whitehouse Post
Editorial Company Location: New York
Editorial Company EP: Dan Bryant
Producer: Jojo Scheerer, Lauren Hertzberg
Editor: Corky Devault
Assistant Editor: Nate Katz

Post Production Company: Carbon VFX
Post Production Company Location: New York
Producer: Frank Devlin
Colorist: Matthew Rosenblum
Conform: Matt Reilly

Music Company: Big Foote Music + Sound
Music Company Location: New York
Composer: Jeremy Turner (‘Movies’) + Erick Lee (‘Gas’)

Audio Production Company: Sound Lounge
Audio Production Company Location: New York
Mixer: Philip Loeb

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