Monday, November 21, 2011

"Here's to Real Friends" Chivas Regal Trailer

The art direction, the music... I can't stop watching this!

"Chivas Regal, the blended Scotch, has launched two short films focusing on 'real friendship' as part of an integrated global campaign. I have dropped in more information below on the ad campaign which I do hope is of interest to you.

Chivas Regal have partnered with Academy Award winning short film-maker Joachim Back to make two cinematic films that focus on the trials, tribulations and idiosyncrasies of modern male friendships. The films will act as the online centerpiece to a campaign that spans TV, print, and social media.

Joachim Black takes the audience through break-ups, breakdowns and good times and brings his trademark comic sensibility to celebrate real friends and the stories that bind them forever.    

Film and Chivas lovers alike can raise a glass to Big Bear or Twinkle and discover the full story online at  Trailers can be seen here, and we of course have all files if you need them.

The films form part of Chivas Regal’s ongoing Live with Chivalry campaign which launched in 2008 and encourages men to aspire not just to have more, but to be more."

Précis of the films
"Park Pictures' Joachim Back directs two short films that celebrate male friendship for Chivas. Here, the trailer for the two films, 'Here's to Big Bear' and 'Here's To Twinkle' follows the guys on two very different journeys. One journey looks at the friends' crazy adventures when they get off at the wrong train station and find themselves in the middle of nowhere. The second is much more emotional, as the guys support their friend during a bad break-up. During all of this, Chivas is an integral part of the group as the guys themselves."

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