Monday, November 21, 2011

Help Remedies "Take Less" commercial

"Everybody in the drug aisle likes to talk about more, bigger, extra, super, and maximum. But we're not going to talk about that. We think people get enough drugs, dyes, and nonsense from other kinds of drug companies. Help® is a new type of drug company—
a drug company that promises you less."

"Take Less"

Also take some time (2 hours!) to watch
"Take Less Drug Aisle"

Credits from AdWeek:

Client: Help Remedies
Director: Jason Jones
Director of Photography: Adam Lukens
Executive Producer: Dan Sormani
Producer: Kim Koby
Casting: Matthew Wulf
Production Designer: Jeanelle Marie
Wardrobe: Anna Pitman
Stop Motion: Mark Phillips, Luke Rotzler
Copywriter: Nathan Frank
Art Directors: Nathan Frank, Paul Caiozzo
Copywriter: Paul Caiozzo
Production Company: Lifelong Friendship Society
Music: Phillip Nessen

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