Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Comune di Nettuno Print Ad Campaign (Italy)

"Why risk?  Slow down when you drive. In 2010 in Italy, 4.000 people died in road accidents. Almost 50% of these is caused by high speed. Be careful, it’s not worth risking."




Description from AdsoftheWorld:
"Everytime we drive, we run some risks. If we are under the effects of drugs, or simply tired, our journey in the car can become a nightmare. The worst nightmares to get true can be: the police, surgery, or also a funeral. So we chose to represent these three moments of risk, to warn people as they get into their cars."

Advertising Agency: Link, Rome, Italy
Creative Director: Hilde Capra
Art Director: Valerio Cicco
Copywriter: Angela Macchia
Photographer: Domenico Apruzzo
Published: August 2011

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