Tuesday, October 18, 2011

LG Electronics Mini System with Voice Remover Function (Ambient, Brazil)

"Our goal was to highlight a special feature of LG MCV904 Mini System that removes the vocals from any music allowing the user to sing as if in a karaoke bar. So we placed the consumers as the lead singers on the cover of their favorite CDs attaching little convex mirrors over the singers’ pictures.
Therefore, when they were at the CD store looking at the CDs, people would see themselves reflected as the lead singer of that band. The action lasted for 7 days and took place on 6 CD stores, reaching approximately 25,000 people, costing only 2 cents per impact."


Advertising Agency: Young + Rubicam, Brazil
Creative VPs: Rui Branquinho, Marco Versolato
Creative Directors: Flávio Casarotti, Sergio Fonseca
Art Directors: Luigi Alliegro, Cleber Cardoso, Leon Valente
Copywriter: Fabio Barbato

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