Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dolce + Gabbana "The One" commercial, featuring Scarlett Johansson

Ooooh lalalalalala...

Dolce + Gabbana's
"The One"

"Dolce + Gabbana presents the new uncut The One film, revealing the provocative yet effortless femininity of the eternal diva. Directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino and starring Scarlett Johansson."

Music: 'A Place in the Sun' by Franz Waxman, performed by the National Philharmonic Orchestra

Here are some older ads for "The One"

"This new era in the story of the one is once again captured by revered fashion photographer Jean Baptiste Mondino. His muse, and the unforgettable embodiment of the one, is Scarlett Johansson. A global icon, Scarlett fascinates audiences with her unique blend of beauty, charm and palpable intelligence. The original soundtrack for the advertisements was composed by the illustrious Italian composer Ennio Morricone: a haunting tribute to the enduring impression made by the one woman."

"Rose The One"

"A chameleon before the camera, the actress's off-screen identity is characterised by a resolute sense of self. Here is a woman who knows her own mind and revels in it. For rose the one she displays a more innocent and girlish side of the diva. Commenting on the campaign, Scarlett observes: Mr Dolce, Mr Gabbana, and Jean Baptiste Mondino have brought to life such an inspiring vision of femininity with rose the one. They capture all of a womans graces, our quiet moments. That, to me, is what makes this campaign so special, and it feels wonderful to have been part of the collaboration."

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