Thursday, September 1, 2011

MINI Coupe "Sunday in Rio" commercial and "Hitchhiker"

I've been waiting for some commercials from MINI
to match the greatness of the monster truck ads and "Flow"...

My recent favorite?
"All dressed up with one really outrageously awesome place to go?  Say hello to the new MINI Coupé
- With the right wingman, there's action around every corner. Even on a Sunday."
(Music: Ikebe Shakedown - Sakonsa, Credits at AdsoftheWorld)

Also, here's the recent "Hitchhiker" spot (The Director's Cut)
"A nose for exotic exploits can lead to some tricky situations.
Luckily the cockpit of the new MINI Coupé is a perfect place for adventure - and escape.
Can this MINI Coupé driver skirt the icy situation he finds himself in?"
(Credits at AdsoftheWorld)

"It's just another Wednesday in Hong Kong and 'Love is in the Air.' Trouble is, the troublemakers here are having a hard time sharing. Could it just be the new MINI Coupé everyone's after?"

Finally, here's "Another Day, Another Adventure" that aired earlier in June...
"With the right wingman, there's action around every corner. Say hello to your
partner for everyday adventure into the unknown - the new MINI Coupé."
(Credits at AdsoftheWorld)


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