Sunday, September 25, 2011

Michael Showalter! Toyota! Yaris! YouTube video titles with exclamation marks!!!

First Kristen Schaal for Xperia PLAY,
and now Michael Showalter for Toyota Yaris!

Maybe you know him from Wet Hot American Summer or Stella,
but I know him JUST FOR BEING AWESOME. Great casting decision Toyota!

The Toyota Yaris has windows that go up! And down!

The Toyota Yaris has nine airbags!

Wheels that go forward...and backward! 

The 2012 Toyota Yaris comes in a range of eight colors!

Contemporary Styling!
The Toyota Yaris makes anything look more contemporary.

Cup Holders!
The Toyota Yaris has cup holders!

The Toyota Yaris has a USB port right inside the car!

Soft-Touch Dash!
So soft to the touch. 

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Thanks for the trippy tip AdFreak!

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