Monday, August 15, 2011

New Zealand Police Outdoor + Videos

These are incredibly inspiring...

"You too can do something extraordinary.
Become a cop."

"When you see the street art off Cuba St in Wellington, you'll see Detective Kylie Schaare
standing protectively over a small child. At night, a menacing shadow hovers over the scene.
The story behind the art is of Kylie, who worked tirelessly to build the case and arrest a
man who had been abusing his own kids and numerous others."

Find out more about Kylie here and by watching "Kylie's Story"

"On K' Road in Auckland, Otis Frizzell has stencilled a foot chase scene, depicting the story of two officers, 
Constable Julia Vahry and Constable Madeline Roberts. The officers are executing a perfect pincer 
movement as the perpetrator runs into their well-laid trap."

Find out more about Madeline + Julia here and by watching "Madeline and Julia's Story"

Also check out the outdoor pieces featuring Spence and Yoshi (and "Yoshi's Story" here.)

Outdoor art credits:
Advertising Agency: M+C Saatchi, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Dave King
Art Directors: James Bowman, Rene Van Wonderen
Copywriter: Nicci Doak
Agency Producer: Nick Barnes
Illustrator: Otis Frizzell
Artwork: Woody
Account Team: Christina Mossaidis, Lizzie Yates

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