Saturday, August 13, 2011

Delta Faucet "Car Wash" shower commercial

Another hidden gem from Delta Faucet!

"From top to bottom, or bottom to top, with 2 showers in 1, the In2ition Shower gives you water any
way you need it, anywhere you want it. The showerhead features a detachable handshower, which
can run separately from or simultaneously with the showerhead, giving you the warmth and flexibility
of two streams of water at once. Enjoy the comfort of water streaming from the showerhead position,
while the handshower offers the flexibility to accomplish other tasks, such as bathing your children;
washing your pet; and keeping your shower clean. When you're finished, simply slip the handshower
back into place on the showerhead."

Learn more about In2ition at

If you haven't seen the other ads already, or want to watch them again...
Check out "Hands" and "Taps" (featuring the "Hand Jive!")

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