Friday, August 5, 2011

Brazilian shoe brand Melissa's Stop-Motion Film... Galeria Melissa comes to life using 350,000 Post-its!

Here's your WOW for today!

Google YouTube video description translation: "Animation made ​​with 350 thousand sheets of Post-it ® on the front of the Galeria Melissa in São Paulo for the launching of the "Melissa Power of Love." Photographed step by step and performed by 25 animators in five months, and a beautiful film action generated an extra special surprise: more than 30 000 spontaneous messages of love left by fans of Melissa and visitors. This is the power of love that causes Melissa. Created by Casa Darwin."

(Here's the link to the 30 second version)

Finally, take a look at the 2012 and 2011/2010 "Footbooks"
...what a fantastic way to look at shoes up close!

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Renata Fontes said...

What a great party of melissa. I love this brand of sandals, or as you say in brazil. Legal essa sandalia.