Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Adidas Originals - "All Originals, Iconics" commercial

from Adidas

"There's one in every crowd, yet no two are the same. They're authentics. One of a kinds.
All shapes, all sizes, all unique. They're the ones that stand out.
They're the ones that flow freely. And they're all united in Originality."
"All the high flyers and low riders, all the in crowd and the outsiders, icons and oddities, prophets
and prodigies, all east coast all west side, all out grinding all poolside, all samoas all gazelles,
swag on campus rock the bells. And at the core of who we are? The real, the truth, the superstar.
The streets are calling. To every individual, answer back, 'We are all originals.'"


Client: Adidas Originals
Spot: "All Originals, Iconics"
Agency/Production Company: Kamp Grizzly, Portland, Ore.
Creative Directors: Daneil Portrait, Jeff Harding
Producer: Neil Kopp
Director: Daneil Portrait
Executive Producer: Jeff Harding
Director of Photography: Greg Schmitt
Digital Agency: Roundhouse
Creative Director: Joe Sundby
Copywriter: Kyle Sundby
Art Directors: Mako Miyamoto, Justin Smith
Digital Producers: Amy Christensen, Michael Brooks


missprata said...

love it.. who wrote the lyrics and who is reciting them in this song?

Liza said...

Not sure - thanks for commenting - I'll look into it!