Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Union Bank - Pirates commercial - Publicis Geller Nessis Israel

Credits from AdsoftheWorld:
Advertising Agency: Publicis Geller Nessis, Israel
Chief Creative Officer: Rony Schneider
Creatives: Tal Bigelman, Amir Avivi
Director: Rani Carmeli
Production Company: Ishay Hadas
Post Production: Broadcast
Music: Shlomi Keinan

General Mills Cocoon (Great Snacks Giveaway) commercial

Sorry AdFreak, I feel delicious and I love this ad...

CREEPY and WEIRD works for me! YUM.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi + Saatchi, NY, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Con Williamson
Creative Directors: Alex Lea, Justin Ebert
Copywriter: Craig Schlesinger
Art Director: Steve Mendonca
Executive Producer: John Doris
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Jeff Low
Managing Director: Shawn Lacy
Executive Producer: Colleen O'Donnell
Producer: Dwight Phipps
Director of Photography: Chris Mably
Production Designer: Francois Jordaan
Editorial Company: Mackenzie Cutler
Editor: Dave Anderson
Producers: Sasha Hirschfeld, Tatiana Vasquez
VFX: The Mill, NY

Westfield Stratford City mall "100 Years" video

Nascar Ringtone commercial

This ad is silly, and I'm likin it!
...time to rev up your phone!

Credits from AdsoftheWorld:
Advertising Agency: Jump Company, St. Louis, USA
Creative Director / Copywriter: Bob Harris
Creative Director / Art Director: Mike Conway
Agency Producer: Mark Dickmann
Director: Peter Darley Miller
Production Company: @Radical Media
Published: April 2011

Público Newspaper: Fat World print ad (Portugal)

"7,000,000,000 people consuming, what now?"

Advertising Agency: NOSSA™, Lisbon, Portugal
Creative Director: Nuno Cardoso
Art Director / Integrator: Hélder Romão
Photographer: Yves Callewaert
Account Supervisor: Duarte Durão
Account Manager: David Ramuzat
Marketing: Sofia Galvão

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Extreme66 parachuting school print ad (Slovakia)

"There are easier ways to
get your adrenaline fix."

Advertising Agency: Jandl, Bratislava, Slovakia
Creative Director: Pavel Fuksa
Art Director: Alexis Blanco
Copywriter: Eugen Suman
Published: August 2011
(Credits from AdsoftheWorld.)

Strongbow Gold Cider "Hero" commercial (Y+R, Dublin)

Warning:  This  could make you very thirsty!

YouTube description:
"Two RED MX cameras, two phantom Flex, big cranes, 200 men in leather, some horses and a few apples, this is the launch commercial for the introduction of Strongbow Gold cider."

Credits from AdsoftheWorld:
Advertising Agency: Y+R, Dublin, Ireland
Creative Director: Mike Mesbur
Director: Des Mullan
Producer: Max Brady
Production Company: Maxfilms
Post Production: Windmill Lane, Buf
Music, John Walsh
Sound: Locky @ Number 4
Aired: May 2011

Lipton - "Discover how far tea can take you" (DDB Paris)

How far can tea take YOU?

It takes me far every day!

Lipton releases a new music clip based on a song by the Parisian duet "Outlines". Using the same spirit as the surrealist pop outdoor campaign and the website launched early this year for its Exclusive Collection, Lipton invites us once again to discover how far tea can take us.
The completely animated clip has been developed in partnership with the production house B-reel.
It features the elements which contributed to the Internet website success : an "Infinite Travel" though six surreal, pop and poetic universes which seem to be never-ending. The Outlines music title "I cannot think", launched in July, gives rhythm to it all. The result of the pairing can only be cheerful.

Advertising Agency: DDB Paris, France
Creative Directors: Pierrette Diaz, Matthieu Elkaim
Creatives: Nicolas Berthier, François Guyomard
Interaction Director: Branislav Peric
Digital Producers: Guillaume Cossou, Sophie Hoffman
Client partner: Marina Zuber
Account Director: Olga Papikian
Account Manager: Lennie Stern
Production: B-Reel

Fagor Brandt Spoutnik print ads (DDB, Paris)

"Sputnik, the microwave that doesn't look like a microwave."

(Links: 1, 2, 3, 4)

Advertising Agency: DDB, Paris, France
Executive Creative Director: Alexandre Hervé
Copywriter: Olivier Lefebvre
Art Director: Benjamin Marchal
Art buyers: Sophie Megrous, Quentin Moenne Loccoz
Account supervisors: Jean-Luc Bravi, Jean Paul Heraud, Cécile Cabon
Advertiser's supervisors: Mauricio Del Puerto, Monia Fekih
Photographer: Koerner Union
Retouching: B'pong

Monday, August 29, 2011

Nissan Versa Sedan: "Headroom" hairstyles commercial... and also "Legroom" shoes!

Love these funky ads for Nissan Versa!

"The All-New Nissan Versa has the most headroom/legroom per dollar of any car in America,
as seen in this inventive stop-motion commercial and track from Foster the People called
Don't Stop (Color on the Walls)."

AdFreak shares a question, do you think the Versa ads are
too similar to the Canon Rebel XSi commercial  below?

Are the ads I shared above as "inventive" as Nissan claims?

Kia Soul Hamster Commercial "Share Some Soul 2012"

Oh snap, the hamsters are back!
...and they're gettin' down with LMFAO!!!!!

YouTube description:
"First they drove. Then they rapped. Now they're dancing. But they're not doing any old dance. They're shuffling. And they're doing it harder, faster and better than any hamster has ever shuffled before.

Not only are the hamsters making a comeback; the Kia Soul, the urban crossover vehicle that started
a craze is back and better than ever delivering more power and better fuel efficiency than ever before,
the 2012 Kia Soul, 'a new way to roll.'"

Best Buy Geek Squad Backpacks commercial

(Makes me feel a little old though.)

"I Got Your Back" by Andrew Simple

Thanks for the tip AdFreak!

Allstate Mayhem "Blind Spot" commercial

Finally, a new Mayhem spot from Allstate!

Professor Burke Recruiting Video for Farmers Insurance

Professor Burke is back, and he's recruiting!

"Professor Burke holds class on the best business opportunity in America."

Pictionary print ads (Ogilvy, Malaysia)

"Quick draw wins."


Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Malaysia
Chief Creative Officer: Gavin Simpson
Executive Creative Director: Gavin Simpson
Creative Director: Tan Chee Keong
Art Directors: Yee Wai Khuen, Tan Chee Keong, Gavin Simpson
Copywriters: Adam Chan, Donevan Chew
Account Manager: Sharon Khor
Account Supervisors: Amy Yep, Joanne Lee
Illustrator: Milx
Photographer: Studio DL
Typographer: Lian Ee Wern

Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Walmart commercials: Frat House, Mural, Boyfriend, Mobile Theater

Really loving the check out campaign from Walmart!

Notebooks, photo center prints, and two HTC Sensations from T-mobile...

New Glidden Brilliance two-in-one paint and primer, paint supplies, and moving boxes...

School art supplies, black pants, and a family mobile plan...

Paint supplies, new Glidden Brilliance two-in-one paint and primer, paint supplies,
and crayons...

Take a look at some other Walmart commercials at

Miller: "Boombox" (Turkey)

From AdsoftheWorld:

To attract attention to and to make Miller the preferred brand among
other six packs in the summer when beer consumption spikes.

"Miller is closely linked with music in Turkey.  It has been organizing Miller Music Factory, a contest 
to discover fresh music talents for six years and Miller Freshtival, a music festival, for two years now. 
This is why we have chosen music as a theme for our six packs. we have designed two sided boxes, 
one side looks like a speaker and the other is the casette player.  This way when three boxes are brought together side by side, they form a boombox."

"People bought 3 boxes instead of one to bring home a boombox." 

Advertising Agency: Manajans/JWT, Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Directors: Emine Noyan, Kaan Tanman
Copywriter: Cemre Tutar
Art Director: Orkun Yontem
Graphic Designer: Sinan Özçelik
3D Design: f/2.8 photograph studio

Saturday, August 27, 2011

NiQuitin Cigarette Magazines (Brazil, TBWA)

From AdsoftheWorld:

"Subscribers of two major Brazilian publications received their magazines wrapped to look like cigarettes. The headline reads:  'Can't stop thinking about cigarettes?'.
When they took the paper ring off they found out about NiQuitin Pastilhas.
A practical way of avoiding cravings."

Advertising Agency: Lew'Lara / TBWA
Creative Directors: Jaques Lewkowicz, Manir Fadel, Luciano Lincoln
Art Director: Bruno Cardoso
Copywriter: David Bessler
Attendance: Fernanda Tedde, Francisco Coutinho, Stella Arthur
Planning: Renata D'Avila, Sakamoto Gisele, Felipe Azambuja
Media: Ritton Luiz Eduardo Shinohara, Suellen Kiss
Art Buyer: Ana Karina Melo, Alessandra Sarilho, Giuliano Springhetti
Illustrator: Daniel Caballero

Friday, August 26, 2011

Green Lantern: Invasion Ambient (Brazil)

I've never seen anything like this before!
What about you?

Credits from AdsoftheWorld:
Advertising Agency: Lorem, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Icaro de Abreu
Photographer: Mariana Rocha
Additional credits: Marcelo Siqueira, David Schurmann
Published: August 2011

Renault - "The Electric Life" commercial (By Blink Productions)

Concluding the Blink Productions series (lasting over a week on Homadge),

Here is Renault's "The Electric Life," certainly one of my recent favorites.
(Directed by Dougal Wilson)

To see more from Blink Productions, check out my posts this past week:

And also visit Blink Productions' Vimeo page and website.

For something a little different from Blink,

Koroplast print ads: "Melon" and "Fishbone" (Turkey)

Love the simple art direction...
Koroplast, the garbage bag that doesn't leak.

Advertising Agency: Publicis Bold, İstanbul, Turkey
Creative Director: Tarkan Barlas
Art Directors: Ataner Ugurer, Ugur Genç
Copywriter: Deniz Özgüney
Published: March 2011

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sonic "Humpty" and "Wolfman" tv ads (By Blink Productions)

Love these ads from Blink Productions, too!

Both ads directed by Perlorian Brothers.

WTF Japan Seriously!? "We're out of Milk" commercial!

From WTF Japan Blog comes this incredibly awesome Japanese milk commercial that will make your morning today!

Check out for more INSANITY!

Thanks for the tip AdFreak!

Fab Detergent print ads (Y+R, Panama)

How did I miss these?!

"They come out easy..."


Advertising Agency: Cerebro Y+R, Panama
Creative Director: Jorge Heilbron
Art Directors: Francisco Bernal, Alberto Weand Ortiz
Copywriter: Jorge Heilbron
Photographer: Carlos Villareal
Published: January 2011
Also check out:
Clorox Stains print campaign
Espumil print ads! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Braise Local Food: Tour de Farms print ads (Cramer-Krasselt)

So simple... love these!

Tour de Farms
A 30-mile bike tour of Wisconsin’s top organic farms.

Advertising Agency: Cramer-Krasselt, Milwaukee, USA
Executive Creative Director: Chris Jacobs
Creative Director: Todd Stone
Associate Creative Director: Shawn Holpfer
Art Directors: Shawn Holpfer, Josiah Werning
Copywriter: Todd Stone
Photographer: Shawn Holpfer
Published: September 2011

Heat - NCAA Football 12 - "True Friend" commercial

I've been looking for this ad - thanks for the tip AdFreak!

Duck Tron Duck Tape Video!

Thank you AdFreak and Wired
for sharing this nugget of amazingness!

"The official Duck Tape Tron video from Duck brand. A spectacular stop motion recreation of the light cycle scene from Tron, featuring Tron Guy a.k.a Jay Maynard produced for Duck Tape on
as part of the 'Stuck On Duck Video Project' by Ryactive."

Robot Daycare - Bonus Footage - Easier Way to Save - GEICO

That's right!
(of Geico's "Robot Daycare" commercial)

City Of Belgrade: Clean after your dog print campaign

On the subject of cleaning up your dog's messes...

"For beautiful city. Clean after your dog."

(Links: 1, 2, 3, 4)

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson Belgrade, Serbia
Creative Directors: Jana Savic Rastovac, Vladimir Cosic
Art Directors: Marija Milankovic, Lidija Milovanovic
Copywriter: Marija Milankovic
Photographer: Marko Savic
New Business Manager: Milos Stankovic
Published: August 2011

Prague 7 Municipality: For clean parks print campaign

"Shit is not a cool brand. Clean up after your dog."

(Links: 1, 2, 3)

Advertising Agency: Kitchen, Prague, Czech Republic
Creative Director / Art Director: Matija Vujovic
Copywriter: Dragan Vekic
Photographer: Milos Nesic
Post production: D76
Published: August 2011

Becks - "Vier" beer commercial (By Blink Productions)

Airdate: August, 11 2011
Directed by: Zeitguised
Production Company: Blinkink
Produced by: Bart Yates
Animation, Editing, Post Production by: Zeitguised
Client: InBev UK Limited
Product: Becks Vier
Agency: Mother
Agency Producer: Matt Cresswell
Creatives: Mother
Music: Jean-Gabriel Becker
Sound: Factory

Good Night Mattress campaign: "Thief" and "Prison Break" (Shanghai)

  "Fall asleep easily."

Prison Break

Advertising Agency: J+J Ad, Shanghai, China
Creative Director: Aaron Cheng
Art Director: Apple Lee
Designers: Sam Qu, Cheng Zaochun
Copywriters: Chen Rui, Liu Shuang