Monday, July 18, 2011

Southpark - I Love Cheesy Poofs - Walmart Cheesy Poofs?!

Thank you AdFreak for bringing to my attention
this little POOF of excitement!
"South Park's famous Cheesy Poofs will soon be available for public consumption to celebrate the
15th season of the show. Thanks to a deal with Frito-Lay, 1.5 million packages of Cartman's favorite 
fattening snack will appear in Walmart stores next month. At $2.99 for just 2.375 ounces (what 
was wrong with 3?), you're paying a lot to stain your fingers with disgusting yellow gunk. But hey, 
overpaying is part of the branding fun!" 

"The Comedy Central show is also sponsoring a booth at Comic-Con that will be a replica of the South Park school cafeteria. They'll hopefully be expanding the campaign beyond that, because right now, The Simpsons's year-long 20th birthday extravaganza—which brought out KrustyO's and Buzz Cola, and turned 7-Eleven's into Slushie-slinging Kwik-E-Marts—is beating the cartoon pants off this Cheesy Poof deal. I think releasing a Cheesy Poof commercial like the one below would help."

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