Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Target teacher commercials (2011)

Kinda surprised the back-to-school ads are so late this year...

"This gym teacher believes in two things: climbing rope is the only way to achieve a healthy body and mind, and Target has everything on your kid's back-to-school list."

"A grade-school music teacher creates, 'The Denim Song' out of nothing but a list of
back-to-school products from Target and raw talent."

2nd Grade Teacher
-Yes, that's the same actress as the Honda Civic "Ninja" commercial!
(Her name is Tania Gunadi, and  you also might have seen her in the
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode, "The Gang Solves the North Korea Situation.")
"It's going to be a big year in this second-grade teacher's classroom. And with back-to-school supplies from Target and two adventurous hamsters, it's bound to be a fun one too."

"Éste será un gran año en el salón de clases de esta maestra de tercero grado.
Y con los materiales escolares de Target para el regreso a clases, y los viajes con
la ciencia al espacio, seguramente también será un año divertido."

Also check out Target's recent


Patricia Pattison said...

I love all these commercials! I am a teacher - Laughing is good medicine.

Liza said...

Thanks Patricia - I definitely agree!

Cheryl Anne said...

Who is the ad agency? They are so fabulous!

Liza said...

I'm not sure about this one Cheryl Anne... I'll look into it!

snowflake said...

Love these ads; especially Tania Gunadi. She is adorable! Would love to know the ad agency.g

Liza said...

I'll look into it Snowflake :)