Saturday, July 9, 2011

New ads from Cisco - "A New Kind of Frontier," "Snack Alerts"...

A New Kind of Frontier
Trending now: The Wild West
"Managing a range of devices like smart phones, tablets, and laptops is the latest task facing enterprise network managers. New generations of mobile workers are driving demand further. By 2020, there will be 50 billion devices connected to the network. The challenge: keeping them all safe and secure. 
Learn how at and to learn more about Device Proliferation, click"

Cisco Security
Trending now: The Dark Side

"Securing financial transactions, social interactions, smart phones, and even the cloud is becoming
a greater challenge for IT professionals. Finding a security solution that extends everywhere,
to protect everyone, on every device is more critical than ever. This solution is the network itself."

Cloud with Confidence
Trending now: Clouds, Plural.
"Create new ways of working by accelerating your business, creating new business models and unlocking revenue potential with Cisco. Your data and apps must move easily and securely to reach many clouds. Not just one. That's why the network that connects, protects, and lets your data move fearlessly through the clouds means more than ever. Cloud with confidence."

"Organizations of all sizes often need to get information out to all staff quickly.
With video solutions from Cisco, you can capture, transform and share video with everyone,
even if some don't consider the message to be 'mission-critical.'"

"Video enables people to meet instantly or on a planned basis and collaborate with nuance.
Ever wonder how you could work with a sick colleague without actually catching her cold?
Now, with video solutions from Cisco, you can."
Also check out some other Cisco videos I'm a fan of,
"See two co-workers use video technology to 'work' together in all kinds of ways.
Two guys. Two offices. In two continents. One ultimate show down. Who will reign supreme?
Video technology brings us together in the work place from any place, so we can build
relationships and work together like never before."

"See how education is going to new heights... and depths. Join a classroom of kids as they take a field trip with an expert to 14,000 feet deep. Along the way you'll see how kids today are learning in a more immersive and interactive environment thanks to Cisco video technology."

"Meet Ike Theodore (IT) Willis -- a new IT hero. Watch Ike thwart a bank heist with Cisco Borderless Networks and Data Center/Virtualization innovations, such as WAAS, Cisco EnergyWise, TrustSec and VXI. This video highlights the new Cisco product and solutions unveiled during the Power of the AND launch in October 2010. Learn More"


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