Monday, July 11, 2011

Dairy Queen commercials! ...Pinatas, Standing,

So good, it's RiDQulous.

"Dairy Queen. Where Blizzards are extra chocolatey. And piñatas are extra gymnasticy."

"Dairy Queen. Where burgers come with shakes. And clouds go 'Yeah.'"

(...Falcons are all the rage right now - see my State Farm post!)
"Dairy Queen shakes rock. And so do their falcons."

"Yes, Dairy Queen makes the best milkshakes in the country. No, he's not just standing there."

"Does Dairy Queen make irresistibly delicious cakes? Of course they do.
But they also make bubbles with kittens inside of them."

"That's not just a DQ Blizzard. That's a DQ Mini Blizzard.
And those aren't just pants. Those are magic turnaround pants."

"Dairy Queen believes that good isn't good enough.
That's why they shrunk a blizzard. And lit a rainbow on fire."

"Dairy Queen milkshakes are amazing. This fencing duel is pretty great too."

"Yes, Dairy Queen gives you two cheeseburgers instead of just one.
And yes, that's a guitar that sounds like dolphins."

See more from Dairy Queen on their YouTube page!

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