Friday, May 6, 2011

Zain - "Rapunzel"

   From Zain.
Lovely.  and unexpected!
"Sometimes things don't turn out exactly like you'd expected. But this TVC is all about making life's journey a more pleasant and satisfactory one. Drawing on the much-loved fairytale, Zain takes us on an epic journey of magical, heroic, and humorous proportions, proving yet again that when it comes to a wonderful world, expectations are always met."
"The world is a wonderful place. This is the Zain philosophy. We encourage people to view life in all its glory and to see the positive aspect in everything that surround us. So as sponsors of the Euro Cup 2008 broadcast, we took the opportunity to show people those insightful moments and traditions that make us one. The ad is a whimsical take on an old tradition (the exchanging of t-shirts between opposing football teams at the end of each game). We see people in various clothes that are ill-fitting and slightly odd, almost as if they're someone else's clothes. It is only at the end of the ad that we realize these people are taking part in this wonderful tradition."
"Zain's philosophy is all about making the world a more wonderful place and seeing the positive aspect in everything. Blind TV commercial tells the touching love story of a young couple who fall in love, told from the perspective of the young man... an idyllic relationship that lists all the beauty he sees in her. It's only at the end of the TVC that we realize the young man is blind." 
Advertising Agency: M+C Saatchi, MENA, UAE
Executive Creative Director: Samer Younes
Creative Director: Odile Riachi Associate Creative Director: Pierre Khoury
Senior Art Director: Rola Ghotmeh Copywriters: Maya Macaron, Maral Ghanma
Producer: Elie Zreik Director: Michał Sabliński / Platige Image, City Films
Composer: Harry Hadeshian
Account director: Olfa Mourad Account manager: Raneem Mourad
Published: April 2011

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