Saturday, May 21, 2011

Subaru Irish music Hockey Triplets commercial... and more

Can't really explain why - maybe it's the music - but I love the ad below from Subaru!

"Hockey Mom"

"When you're responsible for this much of the team, you need a car you can count on."
(Song: "If I Should Fall From Grace With God", The Pogues)

I really like these other two Subaru ads below, too!

"Sweet Tomorrow"

YouTube description:
"'Sweet Tomorrow,' centers on the lives of expectant parents and emphasizes the reliability of the Subaru brand. It tells the story of a young Chinese couple balancing tradition with their Chinese-American lifestyle. The campaign shows the couple preparing for parenthood and introduces Subaru as their choice for safety and comfort in the next chapter of their lives."
"Welcoming Party"
(December 2010)
"We like to think of ourselves as a welcoming party."
"For the life you live, a car you can love. It's called a Subaru."

YouTube description:
"Welcome Party tells the story of four brothers that travel in their Subaru Outback
to the eastern most point in the US (East Quoddy Head, Maine), every year,
in order to be the first ones to welcome in the New Year." 
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