Sunday, May 29, 2011

Smart for Two - "For the City" and more!

The first ad below kept me watching all the way through...
what about you??

"A great idea for the city:

Life was pretty boring when we still lived in caves. It was good that we made the move to cities.
And even better when we invented the right car for the city.
After all, we didn't leave our caves in order to look for parking spaces!"
Thanks for the tip Adrants!
Here are some other ads from the campaign:
"A big idea for two"

"It's nice to be part of a twosome - but when are there ever just the two of you in the city? Somehow there's always someone there who you'd rather wasn't. Those who have a car without room for a fifth wheel can count themselves lucky. Because togetherness is always best when there are just two of you."
"For individualists"

"Being different from others isn't always easy -- and it can be quite hard work. But it can also be very simple and lots of fun. With smart BRABUS tailor made you can drive a car that is truly different.
Just like you yourself."
"For the curious"

"Without curiosity we'd still be sitting in the trees -- instead of searching for videos on youtube.
Curiosity is a fine thing. It rewards us time and again, for example with an amusing advert or
the realisation that a small car can be a great thing."

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