Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New KRAFT Mac + Cheese commercials!

There are some really funny ads airing lately for
KRAFT Mac + Cheese!
"Officer Dan"

"People are still stealing KRAFT Macaroni + Cheese.
And from the looks of it, noodle theft is a gooey, cheesy crime that isn't to be taken lightly."

"Pawn Shop"

"How would you like it if someone took something you really, really love?
When you eat someone's gooey, cheesy KRAFT Macaroni + Cheese, there's a price to pay." 
Also, check out these ads!
"KRAFT Macaroni + Cheese presents Mac and Cheese TV,
where real Mac & Cheese Tweets were turned into TV commercials at the speed of cheese."
"Ninja Please"

"Cnt Sleep"

"#classic mac and cheese"

"Should I make some? lol"

"Spoon and Fork. Which will prevail?"

 See more ads for KRAFT Mac + Cheese
like "Dad's in the Doghouse," from an earlier post
and also ads like
KRAFT Mac + Cheese TV - Teaser (March 25),
"Somedays Mac n cheese is perfect," "First Meal Back," 
"Can't stop thinking about Macaroni Cheese," "Sundays"
and "Now I want mac + cheese!" at 

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