Friday, May 27, 2011

New "Facebook and Bing" commercials - "Sushi" and "Chromeo"

Finally, something I haven't seen before from Bing!
 "Let your friends help you decide where to eat:
Sushi? Tacos? Vegan ice cream? When you can't decide where to go, you look to your friends for recommendations. Now Bing Social Search makes it easy to find the right place to grab some grub based on the Likes of your Facebook friends.
Go to to see for yourself."


"You've always trusted your friends when it comes to discovering new music, what to do when those tough decisions roll around, and even what shirt to wear for the big show on Friday. Now let them help you make decisions when it comes to search, too. Bing Social Search makes it easy to decide by suggesting the things your Facebook friends like."

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