Monday, April 11, 2011

Red Vines Licorice uses social, mobile marketing to win licorice debate

Since tomorrow is National Licorice Day
and since
Red Vines equals crazy delicious..."
(-Chris Parnell and Andy Samberg, "Lazy Sunday")

Michael Kelly, spokesperson for the American Licorice Company
explains Red Vines' brand awareness campaign:

"While the its closest competitor is spending an estimated $25 million this year on paid media,
Red Vines® (family-owned American Licorice Company) is spending a fraction of that on earned media: 

Red Vines product integration with TeamStarKid's "A Very Harry Musical" on YouTube,
resulting in over 1MM viral views.

The first company in the candy industry to make products available on CheckPoints, allowing consumers to earn tangible rewards by scanning its products while out shopping.
8K Facebook fans grew to 83K fans in 12 months, by sharing compelling content that surrounds the brand, and engaging with fans on a personal level.

Red Vine's unique “World of Sharing” campaign has made it almost all the way around the world (almost 20K messages posted so far), serving as a unique platform to generate positive consumer-created content on the social web.

As a result, Red Vines is eclipsing the competition in positive brand conversations.
The company is confident its integrated consumer engagement strategy is moving market share. This spring they’ll be measuring Year over Year sales lift in specific markets to determine what quantifiable effects the social and mobile campaigns are having.

As for social media metrics, Red Vines has already achieved a relative advantage. Based on market share, Red Vines has relatively many more fans on Facebook, has grown its Twitter followers faster, and has more integration on YouTube videos than the competition."

And just for kicks, here's a fun Red Vines commercial from 2008!

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