Monday, April 18, 2011

JetBlue Motor Mouth - "Mr. Nonstop" commercials

John Moschitta, Guinness World Record's "World's Fastest Talker," from the Micro Machines ads
(and FedEx) is back!  For JetBlue!

Check out the "Mr. Nonstop" campaign below:
"JetBlue flies nonstop to a lot of destinations. High-five, baby."

"Mr. Nonstop goes one speed, top speed. Just like JetBlue."

"Just like JetBlue, he wouldn't stop if he could stop, he shouldn't stop if he- well you get the idea."

See more ads on JetBlue's YouTube page, like the two spots below...
 (Some colorful art direction to brighten your day!)



Goddess of Wales said...

It's a good ad, and he does speak quickly.

But one fact is wrong - he's not the Guiness Wolrd Record holder and hasn't been since 1989, when he lost it to Steve Woodmore

Liza said...

Thanks for the update!