Thursday, March 10, 2011

IKEA "Made by / Designed by IKEA" commercials

Love these IKEA ads, "The Life Improvement Store." Especially the art direction! 

"Watch as Kim and Adam decide on a mattress that is tailored to their sleep needs. A perfect night's sleep made by Kim and Adam, designed by IKEA."
"Do you dream of living in a posh castle? Or maybe a charming farmhouse? How about a boudoir in a romantic garden? Our latest 'Made by Bree and her sister' TV spot shows how to create a dreamy bedroom in just a snap."

"Watch as the girls design the media center to hold all of their gadgets...and attract the boys.
Made by the Girls, Designed by IKEA."

 "Watch as the Petersens find the kitchen style that's just right for them. The perfect kitchen made by the Petersens, designed by IKEA."
"Watch the Johnsons create their perfect living room. Made by the Johnsons, Designed by IKEA. IKEA - The Life Improvement Store."

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