Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Always Open" Dennys web series with David Koechner - YES!!

Ok. Deep breath. I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For what you ask??

Denny's new "Always Open" web series. The cast is just AMAZING. (You might recognize the host, David Koechner as Todd Packer from The Office or the movie Anchorman. He is freakin hilarious!!)

Check out the preview spot below as well as Episode 1 featuring (swoon) Jason Bateman. Really looking forward to seeing the upcoming episodes featuring Sarah Silverman, Amy Poehler, Kristen Bell, Will Forte and (swoon again) Will Arnett. YAYYYYYYY! Way to go Denny's!

"Take a sneak peek at the new web series 'Always Open' with David Koechner! He and friends can't help but open up at America's Diner."

Stay tuned to Homadge for upcoming episodes!!!
(You can find Dennys on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, too.)

by Jeff Labrecque from EntertainmentWeekly.com.

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