Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Subaru Canada's "Sexy Sumo" commercial (Forester)

"With the new Japanese-engineered Subaru Forester,
Sexy comes standard."


fake food said...

Canada is Awesome!!XD
I'm a Japanese.When I saw this commercial, I was very surprised.
This Ad has become a hot topic in Japan now.

LC said...

Thanks "Fake Food," or ありがとう!

Carol said...

This commercial is NOT funny and is NOT sexy. In fact many are finding this crude, vulgar and quite disgusting to have to look at these diapered obscenities.
I am extremely offended and I am the owner of a 2010 Subaru. This portrayal of the Subaru is not a positive feature to the marketing of tis vehicle.
I also do not want to drive my Subaru any longer, as I am overweight and drive one. I am tired of being the brunt of cruel teasing, thanks to this gaudy commercial.
Yes you might feel it is just teasing, but you are not in my position. I wish I knew whom to contact to have this commercial taken off.

eats82 said...

Here's a new Subaru you will enjoy.